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Farmer's Market

THE BRIEF: (Student Project) Most towns and cities across Ontario have Farmer’s Markets where local vegetables, food and hand-made products can be purchased. The difference is that they are hand-made and grown by the seller. Since the dawn of time, people have gathered to buy from local makers, farmers and artists. The Project involves creating design work for participation at a Farmer’s Market. With the option to use an existing farm, create a logo design, banner, labels for three products, and other options like booth layout.


I chose an existing farm, which also has a sub-brand for their preserves. I intentionally kept the logo design and imagery simple to reflect the home-grown, low budget nature of a small-town farmer’s market. The drawing of the booth shows how a variety of display stands and levels (utilising towers, as well as the ground in front of the booth) to create depth and visual interest to attract customers.


Unless otherwise stated, all photographs and copy used in this school project are for conceptual purposes only. I do not own them, and all credits are given to the original creators.

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