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Birds Beverages

THE BRIEF: (Student Project) Design a series of five variations of one type of product purchased as a set, to include packaging design, logo design, and a unique way of containing all five in the set so customers buy them as a collection.


Having recently experienced a personal tragedy, I knew that for this project I just wanted to do something light and fun. Drawing inspiration from Monty Python, I used these old images to create mini collages. I wanted these pre-mixed cocktails to be attractive to a younger generation of people, who are not accustomed to drinking cocktails and don’t want to invest in all the various ingredients in order to try them, and also don’t take themselves too seriously.


Images sourced from Pexels and public domain, and are for conceptual purposes only. I do not own the rights to the images.


Unless otherwise stated, all photographs and copy used in this school project are for conceptual purposes only. I do not own them, and all credits are given to the original creators.

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